Pablo Gonzalez


28 February 2015
Isaac J. Martín, Opera World
"Standing out was young conductor Pablo González, who was attentive to every silence and every cue for the entire symphony orchestra, weaving and managing this tonal revolution".
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14 November 2014
Ramón Avello, El Comercio
"[Pablo González] provided the score [Madama Butterfly] with a symphonic feel that greatly benefited the musical discourse".
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6 October 2014
Javier Pérez Senz, El País
"González conducted Richard Strauss's spectacular tone poem [Thus spoke Zarathustra] with an eloquent narrative thrust, elegant phrasing and a solid understanding of the composer's architecture".
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17 April 2013
Javier Pérez Senz, El País
González instilled greatness into a work [Verdi's Requiem] that combines, in equal percentages, lyric emotion, expressive sincerity and spirituality void of rapturous mysticism: whether at church or ...
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15 October 2012
Xavier Chavarria, Revista Musical Catalana
"Pablo González, receptive, flexible, gave the reins to the soloist [Arcadi Volodos] but he remained attentive and close [...]"
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21 January 2013
Manel Cereijo, El Periódico de Catalunya
"González approached Bartók's Concerto for Orchestra successfully and in a very unique way".
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14 February 2011
José Luis Pérez de Arteaga, Beckmesser
"A calm and paused, yet unstoppable career".
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17 January 2011
Xavier Pujol, El País
"He has a clear idea about where he wants to go and he communicates it effectively and through limpid language".
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1 July 2010
Luis Suñén, Scherzo
"The London Symphony Orchestra weekend in Madrid had a protagonist: Pablo González".
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